Demo Song Fantasy by Intoxicated R.I.P.

Demo Song Fantasy by Intoxicated R.I.P.  posted by Andyw1228  at  

One of four "videos" (Music with a few scanned photos) of my old, not yet exsting band named Intoxicated. The songs were recorded in a "real" studio (Wolfsburg / Germany), meanig 16-track analog without any VSTs or computer. I what in this Sutdio wiht another band too. This band (Very Wicked) is still existent but without me, the singer (shouter) and bassist. Look here for Studio-footage: German: Demosong of my no longer existent band. It was called Intoxictated, if a newer band with the name gives: Sorry, we were first;) We have recorded in a semiprofessional analog 16 track studio. More 3 songs to follow ... At this time, I had another band that still exists: Very Wicked. Here are videos from the exercise room and from the studio:



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